Monday, May 2, 2011

STORY LOG (from beginning - may 1.)

The sun was setting fast, but he was driving as though he would catch up before it sank below the horizon. There was only one thing on his mind as he sped through countless anonymous towns.

Of course, he'd heard about it - the water hazard, the hike over the rocky rubble, leaf surfing back down - but the zip line over the gorge...that was another matter.

Yes, he had heard about them. They were friendly and gave them some ice cream.

It was more like sherbet; but it seemed healthy enough. Today, his diet would be kept. Tomorrow however...

He wanted to buy as much sherbet as he could for his friends and family because he just loved it sooo much! He needed to get it there as fast as he could so it didn't melt. So he...

almost went inside, but his thoughts returned to what tomorrow would bring if he didn't return to his original quest. Taking just one more spoonful of the heavenly substance, he bid all farewell, jumped back into his caching vehicle and decided to return to his seeking of the real hidden treasure awaiting him. That was just, of course, the night before he heard a strange sound...

THUMP! It was the geocache monster checking in on his swag! "Where is my girlfriend, and what did you do with her?!?!", he howled.

As i deliberately take in the beauty, "What..uh..who are you?"

I didn't know what to say. "Your girlfriend? I don't know you OR her."

"OH", he apologized. "I thought you were somebody else. We were geocaching here last week. My girlfriend took the notebook and went 'round back to write. She said she needed to be alone for inspiration. She never returned, and I've come back each day looking for her. In this notebook, she started to write, but was interrupted, and her writing stops." I was  thankful the geocaching monster recognized me as not the object of his disdain. We talked briefly, wished one another well, and I began again on my journey. As I turned to go, I thought I heard a sad, faint cry. Or did I?....

Yes! The same faint cry was heard again, from the BookMobile. Being a volunteer at the humane society, I sprang into action. While my geo-partner was drawing his trademark "BAT", I picked the lock and stealthily entered. The small cry was louder. Rooting through the children's fiction, I found a scottie puppy. What do i do?

Yes! I drew the bat out of my pocket. As my partner re-emerged, the bat swooped down, obviously irritated by the lock-picking episode. My partner grabbed the puppy, screamed, and off she ran, puppy, bat and all. How will I find them now that darkness has fallen?

Thanks to all of the contributing gc'ers! This story will be added to in  few months when we gather more entries! Thanks again!
-Think Tank Team

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